A new Blog

I just thought I would make a blog where I can write about my opinions and ideas on just about anything from video games and movies to religion and books.

I hope everyone enjoys reading what I’ve got to say.


The little Lion

The sun shone and the wind blew

The tiny umbrella in Sam’s coke and lime spun slowly.

“Lovely day isn’t it? ” said a stranger. He pulled up a seat next to Sam and lifted his suit to reveal a Desert Eagle.  The stranger nodded his head to the side as if to say “come with me.” 

Sam walked though he was reluctant. The pair approached a black Mercedes with tinted windows. 

“Get in”

“I know you are a man,  who knows something not many others know.”

“What are you talking about? ” said Sam

“Don’t play games with me. ” said the man

Relax the mind and unwind

I’ve got a trick I do, now you can do this on a lazy weekend morning or try it at night one hour before you go to sleep. 

It’s similar to meditation but it’s easier. 

OK so what you should do is hop into bed about an hour before your usual bedtime dim the lights or turn them off. Now literally lay there assessing your life or parts of your life. Fight the urge to go sleep for an hour because this is important. So for example if you had a confrontation with someone at work in the recent past ask yourself how you would deal with that in a better way than you did before. Do it out loud or in your head,  it doesn’t matter as long as you get a conversation going with yourself. Ask your self a question then try your best to answer it using these three rules: the answer should be True Kind and Necessary and your questions should be meaningful. If your mind is cluttered once in a whole it really helps to relax and think things through properly.  This technique is to plan how to improve your life scenarios for next time

This other technique will help you improve your demeanour and perceived character:

So basically learn to talk to yourself. Once you’ve tried it while relaxing in bed try to have full blown conversations with a doll or mirror,  practise your speech and conversational skills as much as you can every day. You will see your confidence sky rocket in days. It might even help you become more approachable if for example you worked retail. Or it might help your skills in talking on the telephone or it might just help you be the life of the party at a dinner with friends. 

I see some people find it difficult to communicate what it is they have on their mind, so maybe they are frustrated with something, they find it really difficult to get their point across in an clear,  assertive manner. They tend to use fewer words and have a harsher tone of speech this is because they don’t understand how to articulate themselves. The best thing to do if you are this type of person is to literally think before you speak. It’s an age old rule but one rarely followed. Think, what is it I want from this conversation?  What point am I trying to get across? How should I say it? 

It only takes about three seconds to stop and think before you let those words escape your mouth. Remember,  once you’ve said something it’s hard to take it back and change the opinion people have of you. So train yourself to always give a good impression of yourself. Practice this to perfection in the mirror. 

I speak from experience, talking to yourself and joking with yourself in the mirror will give you a mountain of confidence even if you literally had zero confidence to begin with. 

Video Games used to be great

There needs to be a refresh of the gaming industry. Every game maker needs to think about what made games great during the 2000’s era and bring back the best things from then. The storytelling was better back then, it seems like games nowadays either have all their eggs in the multiplayer basket or maybe it’s the game makers hunger for money and pushing out Dlcs that’s stopping the gaming industry from being great again. The story telling in games doesn’t seem to exist any more. I want to be able to play a fantasy game where I’m feeling actual emotions during the storytelling and cutscenes. That’s another thing story telling needs to be fixed. Multiplayer is a bonus I’m not saying they should forget the multiplayer and work on story, no they should work on creating a full complete campaign and story mode first and then work on an awesome multiplayer.  A real effort should be put into both story mode and multiplayer mode. I find I’m always trying to avoid story mode in games in the recent past because it’s just not enticing me. For example Skyrim story wasn’t bad at all but it wasn’t deep enough nor was it long enough it just left me wishing that they had given me a proper story for my £40.

In the past games you bought lasted more than 7 hours because there was no multiplayer to be distracted by.  Priority should be set correctly we want an awesome story mode with an awesome multiplayer as a bonus. The multiplayer should be the bonus in games not the campaign. Every game has a rushed campaign mode because the multiplayer mode seems to be the choice for every Gamer. Keep up the good work on the multiplayers just up the levels of the story mode again, back to when gaming was great.


And what’s the deal with the open world games now? They leave you confused and wondering what to do rather than feel fun and immersive. Keep the greatness of the open world genre alive but don’t forget to give us things to do in these games. I mean the game world is huge for example in Gta5 but the amount of activities doesn’t reflect the vastness of the world.  Fix that make sure there’s more to do in open world games. Open world games are big make the content big so the game fits in its box.


And another thing what’s with all the game clones all Cods look like clones of each other but degrading in funness if that’s a word.  The Cods are becoming tackier versions of themselves. Like a Chinese counterfeit. The last good Cod I played was Black ops 2 and the best Cod is Modern Warfare 2, man that game kept me playing for years, it was just built solid.

I think if the game makers decided to stop being cash hungry and decided to make good solid games again then everyone would be happy. I mean the customers would buy and the makers would earn  their money.

We need some good old school fun looking platformers, what happened to Jak 2 and Spyro? these games were really fun. Nowadays everyone is making games with uber realistic graphics, but before the games with really cool looking cartoon graphics were just as good. Every game now just looks like a clone of each other, there needs to be a much bigger variety in the graphics of games.

In the old days the gaming norm was platformers first then shooters were rare but now it’s always shooters I love shooters don’t get me wrong it’s just shooters have overshadowed the industry you can barely see a good platformer.  And what the heck happened to the Rpg genre? It looks like the Rpgs have become action games now what happened to good old strategic turn based JRPGs. Tokyo Rpg factory seems to have made a good attempt at bringing back the golden days but they need to make more games.


Also maybe they could stop doing pre ordering and dlcs for when they don’t finish a game  on time. They should complete a good game before releasing it I would be happy to wait a while even if it takes long because on the end I would be purchasing a brand new complete product which I can enjoy in one  straight run.




Has anyone ever thought about what paradise will be like? I like to lay down and think about these things sometimes. Green gardens with huge palaces with bricks of gold and silver, I want a flying horse in paradise a black and gold one. And a dragon, definitely a dragon. Imagine being able to eat from one end of the day to the other and never being tired never having to shower never having to be restricted in any way whatsoever and never being poor. Having a great abundance of goodness from Allah is one of the greatest things to ever attain but what is better than every thing in paradise is the opportunity to see the face of Allah. I wish that we all are honoured enough to be able to see the face of Allah one day.

As salam wa alaykum.

Dragon Quest 8

Well i just purchased this game, it will take a short  while for it to arrive. I’ve played other dragon quest titles before but this one is supposedly one of the best. I will let you know in this post how it is when i finally play it.


Pokémon has declined

The pokemon franchise has declined.

I really want them to start it all again, from pokemon red blue and yellow. It would be awesome if they made a full 3d HD console version of the pokemon series. I definitely think they should scratch black and white and act as though those games never happened. The art style in black and white is lacklustre and ridiculous. In my opinion Diamond, Pearl and Platinum were the last decent pokemon games. I want the art style to remain the same as before like in pokemon fire red and sapphire you could tell that they were creatures from the same game, black and whites pokemon just dont look like pokemon to me they just look like generic monsters.  And I want them to remove the stupid innovative ideas like ice cream shaped pokemon. Are you being serious!? Pokemon was inspired by bugs, animals and creatures not food items! How about they stop focusing on creating a whole bunch of new ridiculous looking pokemon every gen and start focusing on making the story different and better with each game.